Call for Papers

The ICT Conference-2018 Organizing Committee is now seeking contributions for Presentations and Tutorials for the ICT Conference 2018.

We are looking for presenters who would:

  • Offer a technical and business tutorial on an appropriate topic.
  • Participate in the technical conference sessions as a speaker.
  • Convene and chair panel sessions of relevant topics.

Conference Milestones

Building e-Nepal: together we CAN

Call for Papers Opens Now
Submission of Abstract May 24, 2018
Finalizing of Abstract May 27, 2018
Final Paper Submissions June 02, 2018
Finalization of Paper June 10, 2018
Final Slides Received June 12, 2018


Submission Guidelines

The paper must be in IEEE format. The format can be downloaded here ».

Program Material

The ICT Conference- 2018 Programme consists of four parts, these being the Conference Track, Panel Discussion, Workshop and Fellowship Forum.

Topics proposed must be relevant of usingICT as a Tools for achieving Sustainable Development Goals to create Smart Society.The papers should focus on how ICT can be used as a tool to provide solution and to achieve the indicators of Smart Society. There are three technology pillars, which can take as an indicator are “Connectivity, Software Development and Smart Device”. The papers can also add value by relating these three technology pillars to achieve the Sustainable Developments Goals for Smart Society.

Paper must be focused in the following areas:

  • Digital Economy
  • Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Panel Discussion Topics : Smart Palika

The conference paper should be focused on above mentioned major topics and can be classified into sub-topics likewise; FinTech & RegTech (Regulatory Technology), Algorithm & Applications, Graph Theory, Simulation & Modeling, Smart Home/ Office, AutoTech, ICT on Health, FinTech/Cashless Society, Distributes Ledger, e-Commerce, e-Government, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining & Data Warehouse, Simulation & Modeling, Cryptography & Applied Mathematics, Communication & Networking, Soft Computing, Digital Transformation an approach from expert , Nepal Government Plan, ICT Entrepreneurs, Open Source, Networking and Internet of Things, Data Centers, Data Mining & Data Warehouse, Cloud Computing, Database Technologies, Internet of Things, Multimedia & Graphics Technologies, Operating System, Communication & Networking, Software Engineering, Distributed and Parallel Computing, Virtual Network and IPv6, Startups, ICT Entrepreneurs, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Database Technologies, How is work; Why it is important.

Call For Papers Submissions

Draft slides for both tutorials and conference sessions MUST be provided with CfP submissions otherwise the organizing Committee will be unable to review the submission. For avoidance of doubt this means that submissions which do not include slides will be rejected immediately. For work in progress, the most current information available at time of submission is acceptable.

All draft and complete slides must be submitted in PDF format only

Final slides are to be provided by the specified deadline for publication on the ICT Conference2018 website.

Prospective presenters should note that the majority of speaking slots will be filled well before the final submission deadline. The PC may, at their discretion, retain a limited number of slots up to the final submission deadline for presentations that are exceptionally timely, important, or of critical operational importance. Every year we turn away submissions, due to filling up all available programme slots before the deadline. Presenters should endeavour to get material into the PC sooner rather than later.

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to Organizing Committee by e-mail at:

We look forward to receiving your presentation proposals.

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Conference Venue

Alice Reception

Gairidhara, Kathmandu, Nepal

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